Noisy Sunday - Patrick Watson

My favourite cover in a while I think.


And back to our normal programming…FILLING SONG REQUESTS YAY!

Be good or be gone - Fionn Regan

Cover Challenge                Love You Madly - Cake

I’ve been terrible with covers due to exams and general business but here we go! Something to smile about because it’s an awesome song, and i do a weird/cool version of it.

Got bored and discovered that this is pretty fun to play. Hope you like.

Song is      Wait-Alexi Murdoch    (and performed by yours truly..clearly)


Cover challenge day 3    Gatekeeper-Fiest

Almost didn’t do it today because i should really be editing a song for a film clip…but what the heck.

Comments, criticisms etc go in the BOX OF DOOM. Can’t get better if I don’t know what you think. 


Cover challenge day 2      

My weird-ass version of Blackbird by The Beatles. Man i make weird faces when i play.

Questions, concerns, criticisms go in the box of doom, cant get better if i dont know your thoughts  = )  

Cover Challenge day whatever           Skinny Love - Bon Iver

It’s been a long day so I hope you appreciate this. One of my favourite songs ever I hardly do it justice but that’s alright. I think I’ll go sleep now….

Cover Challenge day 17      Flightless Bird American Mouth - Iron and Wine

Cover Challenge day 19    Light up My Room - Barenaked Ladies

I HAVE FULFILLED A REQUEST. dont remember who for but it turned out pretty well. Also very appropriate for today because i babysat for the drummer of the band. Yes ladies and gentlemen i have been babysitting for the drummer of the barenaked ladies for like 6 years now. Enjoy your 6 degrees of separation link.

Cover Challenge Day 20    Dogs - Damien Rice

Been holding onto this cover until today.