Noisy Sunday - Patrick Watson

My favourite cover in a while I think.

A-Team by Ed Sheeran

So many Ed Sheeran Requests…so here you go!


Cover Challenge 2.0 Day 5:  Slip Into Your Skin - Patrick Watson.

I love this song so much…and I’m actually really happy with this cover. 


Cover Challenge day 3   (I MADE IT WORK)

Let’s Talk- Hannah Georgas

Cover Challenge day 17      Flightless Bird American Mouth - Iron and Wine

Cover Challenge day 19    Light up My Room - Barenaked Ladies

I HAVE FULFILLED A REQUEST. dont remember who for but it turned out pretty well. Also very appropriate for today because i babysat for the drummer of the band. Yes ladies and gentlemen i have been babysitting for the drummer of the barenaked ladies for like 6 years now. Enjoy your 6 degrees of separation link.